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The World’s First ‘Live Entertainment’ Social Network

Improve Social Media
Foster and Protect Music
Drive Diversity and Community
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We Provide a
Better Stage

Resource Flow

Improve social linking between artists to share advice or guidance

Accessible Music

Focus on accessibility, discovery, diversity in live show offerings

Iteration on Social Media

Reshuffle tradition into streamlined solution for music sane social media

Venue Value Creation

A self-service platform allows the venue to experiment and iterate

Decentralize Music

Talent and venues gain new followers organically

Technology Enabled

Network-enhanced talent, marketing and branding

// Launching in 2021

eResonate Platform

Desktop & Mobile Platform

Music is the heartbeat of culture, providing consumers with repeatable enjoyment, brands with emotional connection, and artists with financial stability.

The opportunity to upgrade the music industry brings along the challenge of identifying and capitalizing on the current times.


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For Venues

For Venues

You always endeavor to create remarkable art... Take initiative and share it in a remarkable way... Get back to performing live for your fans and generating a sustainable income from your music again.


For Musicians

For Musicians

Enjoy curated professionally produced live music performances, by your favorite bands, on the same device you currently use for listening to recorded music. When invited, you can sign up for free at eResonate.com


For Fans

For Fans
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Our Leadership Team

Our diverse team of leadership includes experts in multiple industries and technology companies.

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