Adam Blazer



Adam Blazer founded Livit in 2014 to service the growing demand from brands and businesses to integrate digital video into their owned and operated channels, and into wider marketing strategies. Adam’s primary responsibility has been raising seed capital and driving Livit’s vision. Prior to founding Livit, Adam was a Co-Founder of JLTV and served as COO for eight years. Blazer engineered the first system for distribution of the network for JLTV’s launch in 2006 and grew the technological and management teams necessary to meet and exceed distribution requirements, and negotiated the networks deals with DIRECTV, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter/Spectrum, and others.

Adam studied international relations and economics at Tel Aviv University, and received both his BS degree in Management and his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University. He developed an expertise at an early age in building and integrating computer and media systems.